Set design is one of the unsung arts of movie making. But in Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt starrer, Passengers, it’s sure going to be the star of the show! Not only because of how much intricacy has gone into putting it together but because all of it is made from scratch.

To begin with, the hibernation bay, the gigantic area where the passengers hibernate are self-created. And this area is 22,800 sq ft and was created only in 9 weeks! Even the observation deck in front of the ship has curved walls, which was created like a jigsaw puzzle, each curve has four pieces out together.

But above all, the suites in the Avalon are goals! With it being over 1800 sq feet, it’s the most luxurious suites in the vessel. It’s two stories and has got a bedroom, a dining area, a lounging area. Production designer, Guy Hendrix Dyas says, “I think one of the interesting features about the Vienna suites is its scale.”

Dyas adds, “There is a certain wow factor because we are not used to seeing something like this. It’s a labor of love of five different departments. It really is breathe taking. When the scenes are cut together, I think we’ll all will be extremely proud of what we have done here”

Watch the human created beauty of Passenger get real.

Passengers releases in India on January 6, 2017 in 3D in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

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