07th Sep 2021: Chennai About Aarthi Scans & Labs – India’ largest radiology chain Aarthi Scans & Labs, a renowned multi-center diagnostic chain based in Chennai, has recently expanded its diagnostic capabilities through the acquisition of modern imaging technologies including AI in imaging practice. Aarthi Scans & Labs was founded in 2000 and is well-known for providing affordable diagnostic services to the general public. The imaging centres operate in 10 states and have an average of 5000 patient visits per day with highest daily volume of MRI scans across India. The centre offers a variety of primary to advanced diagnostic tests, and all labs are equipped with MRI, CT, ultrasound scan, Xray, mammogram, OPG, and laboratory facilities with ‘one India one price’ for all diagnostic services.

Offering affordable screening services

Mr Govindarajan, Aarthi Scans & Labs’ Founder, is overjoyed with the center’s growth and assures that the diagnostic venture will continue to provide services to society at the most affordable cost in comparison to any other centre in the country. Aarthi Scans & Labs is an ISO-certified and NABH, NABL-certified diagnostic centre with a network of 36 fully equipped diagnostic centres located throughout the country. The lab is committed to staying relevant with technological advancements in medical imaging and diagnostics while maintaining a low-cost structure. The national diagnostic chain ranks on top with 40 MRI units installed across 10 states in India, the largest in the country. They have a more ambitious goal of increasing the number of MRIs to 100 in 15 states by 2025.

Aarthi Scans & Labs partners with Mindray India

Aarthi Scans & Labs has demonstrated its continuous confidence in Mindray India, a rapidly emerging innovator in medical technology. The centre will sign an exclusive agreement with Mindray India in September 2021 for a long term ultrasound equipment contract for its diagnostic chain. The performance of Mindray Ultrasound equipment installed over the years have provided excellent results and helped Aarthi Scan to provide better & faster diagnostic care. According to Mr M.C.Ekambaram, Product manager, Radiology, Mindray, Aarthi scans continued to install Mindray ultrasound since 2017 as it offers superior technology with shared service applications and advanced capabilities that are ideal for performing complex to high volume scans daily. Mr Ashwani Raina, Director UIS Mindray India, is overjoyed to join the centres’ cause with this latest expansion. Mr Raina stated that Mindray’s technology will increase the diagnostic confidence of Radiologists, resulting in improved patient care, by integrating excellent imaging, intelligent apps, and intuitive workflow. We appreciate the centre for displaying the trust and confidence with this recent acquisition.

Mr Govindarajan stated that the centre would not have been able to promote the cause of affordable scanning without the support of Mindray India, which has provided high quality and reliable imaging products at a reasonable price. He continued, “With Mindray India on our side, we are confident in our ability to accomplish our mission; we have faith in the company & they play a significant role in our success.”

The company believes that “the cost of identifying an illness should not deprive a patient to the point of treatment becoming costly,” and that this is a vision worth fighting for. Aarthi Scans & Labs is committed to developing a unique sustainable model that would increase early detection of diseases and result in better outcomes. Mindray, a medical innovator, is a strong proponent of such initiatives, as the company is founded on the premise of accessible healthcare in the current era. Continuous innovation and philanthropic collaboration make the universal objective of healthcare for all actually attainable.

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