This November, get set for the most twisted, zany, and rib-tickling ride of your life as Vinay Grandhi Productions presents the Ticklish Tanglish comedy ‘Wild Tales’. Produced by Vinay Grandhi a serial entrepreneur and former professional from the film industry, Wild Tales is directed by Sriram Jeevan of Chennai-based theatre group Theatrekaran. And that’s not all, the production will mark the theatre debut of actor-politician Sarath Kumar. Wild Tales will be presented at The Music Academy on 4th November 2018 with two shows, one at 5.00 pm and other one at 7.00 pm.

Wild Tales is a compilation of four short stories, taking everyone through the journey of witnessing a vault robbery, murder mystery, love story and a horror musical. The vault robbery follows four thieves who have no commonality with each other besides being in the same place at the same time and this story unfolds in a very interesting way. The murder mystery follows two detectives on their investigation in solving the case. The love story is a beautiful humorous tale interestingly involving a Dora doll. The horror musical is a beautiful story of a vampire accompanied by a great rendition of songs which is sure to captivate your attention.

The common string between all the 4 tales is the presence of a God like figure whiles the tales being WILD!! This is a must watch performance accompanied by an amazing star cast. The duration of the play is one and a half hours.  Headed by Actor-Politician Sarath Kumar, the rest of the cast include Sabari, Raghav, Angu, Dhana, Singer Nivas, Soundarya, Sebastin, Mirchi Shiva Shankari, RJ Dinesh, RJ Giri, Mirchi Saba, Maheswar and Savina.a

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