Thanks to media, airport authority of India for their support to make this event happen. In India, less than 1% of people was able to fly once upon a time.

The owner of Deccan airlines Captain G.R Gopinath has changed the industry and made common people also to fly with cheaper flight rates. He made common people to fly in 1 rupee. Whatever inventions have been made in our society should be feasible, affordable to the public. Like wise, he made flight experience affordable to common people also. This movie is a tribute to him. Director Sudha Kongara has put 10 years effort to make this movie. Only the director like Sudha can make this story as a movie. This is the best time in my career I can say. Entire appreciation should go to Director Sudha. She is my sister. Because of her efforts the entire movie has happened. Today, in this event, we have launched India’s first electric bus in the airport. This movie is a tribute to all heros who serve our nation”

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