One actor who was a heartthrob of millions of lady audience for years is Vivek Oberoi. He has always has immense  respect towards the people of Tamil nadu. His service and help to Tamil Nadu people during tsunami times can never be forgotten by anyone. Vivegam has come his way when he was eagerly looking out for a good script to do a Tamil movie. After having immediatly accepted to star in Vivegam, he has now finished the movie and upbeat about the release. He met the press and shared his joy and experiences in working in Vivegam. Vivek Oberoi said, ” I have been spending my time looking after my children, my business and my charitable organisations.

When directed Siva narrated ‘Vivegam”s script to me, within 15 mins into the narration I accepted to act in the movie. I just loved his narration and his passion. Now I it has been re confirmed that my decision was absolutely right. After meeting director Siva i watched ‘Veeram’ and ‘Vedhaalam’ to understand his famous super hit combination with Ajith anna. My character’s name in ‘Vivegam’ is Aryan who is close friends with Ajith anna in the movie. Everyone says this is looks like an international movie but i must say ‘Vivegam’ is a Tamil movie truely in international standards. I met Ajith sir for the first time in Bulgaria during the shoot and he thanked me for doing this movie. He was so simple. Since i did the Hindi remake of ‘Alaipayudhey’ I am a big fan of Shalini. Ajith anna was so sweet and humble to make tea and serve everyone in the sets.

The response and love i got from Ajith sir fans in my social media handle has been amazing. My family people were also very happy for me acting with Ajith Anna. Interestingly Kajal Agarwal did her first role of her career in my movie only many years back. To see her grow from there to where she has reached is phenomenal. She has done a fabulous job in ‘Vivegam’. Kamal sir, Sarika and Shruthi Hassan will be very proud of Akshara’s launch in Vivegam. When we were shooting in Bulgeria it was -17 degrees . I used to be fully wrapped in many layers and freezing but Ajith anna was so brave to do his bare body scenes in such a weather. I was so impressed with Ajith anna’s dedication and fitness training. I used to wake up at 5 am and go to our hotel’s gym and Ajith anna was already working out even before me everyday. Chennai has been very close to me always. I have travelled a lot here and many of my relatives are settled in this lovely city called Chennai.. I respect and love the culture of Tamil nadu.

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