Strong passion towards acting and enjoy what you do irrespective of miniscule or major prominence happens to be the motto of Rethika Srinivas. Of course, this should be an inherent quality of a successful actor and yes, Rethika Srinivas is what she is for this reason. The actress is known as a vigorous and spearheading personality in different panoramas of media. She embarked on her acting journey with a stupendous performance in Balaji Sakthivel’s Vazhakku En 18/9 following which she was seen playing prominent role in noticeable films like Nimirndhu Nil, Massu Engira Maasilamani and many more. The actress will be now seen playing an important character in Jayam Ravi’s Tik Tik Tik.

Sharing her experience working in this film, Rethika Srinivas says, “First and foremost, more than shedding lights on my role, I feel so much prestigious to be a part of India’s first ever space based movie. In fact, I hear many say that Tik Tik Tik happens to be the Asia’s first space based flick. I am playing the role of a Colonel in the film and I had combination scenes with everyone in the team. Moreover, what was fascinated me a lot towards the film is director Sakthi Soundarajan’s directorial skills. I must say that he is the ever soft-spoken director that I have come across till now. He is so polite and patient with everyone. The art department has done a remarkable job that kept us awestricken for a long time after entering into the sets. The exact replica of space station was so much appealing.”

Rethika Srinivas claims, “It’s been a memorable experience working with the team. More than all, wearing the uniform of a colonel for the first time and to stand before the mirror was something blissful. I am sure everyone will love this film in the theatres.”

Hailing from the background of theatre plays, Rethika admits that the arrival of web series and digital platforms has been a trendsetter for the moment. Ask her if it will stop the audiences from getting into theatres. She says, “That’s impossible! Times keep changing and so would be trending ones too. It’s a current fashion, but you will have to come out of your house. Of course, a movie watching experience in theatre is always the best getting locked up inside a room, which will not give you the same experience.”

When questioned about many actresses raising voice against the Casting Couch issue, she hits it straight claiming, “To be honest, nothing is true as such. We have never come across any instances, where a woman was harassed or molested. To be precise, film industry can be regarded as the risk-free place for a woman when compared to other industries or fields. To make it more clear, when a girl or woman has any issues even at late nights, it’s first men who come for help with their unconditional help.”

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