Chennai: 19th August,  2022: Aeronero launched its range of air water machines formally today. These machines produce water from 10 litres a day to 1000s of litres per day.   They machines work on the principle of drawing water from air (AWG- Atmospheric water generation) using the condensation technology and deliver alkaline water which is good for health.

Aeronero is founded by Ms Durga Das, who is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in building technology companies in Silicon valley, USA.  She is a competitive national sportsperson in cricket, golf and sailing.  She is a national cricket player and has been the Captain of the US cricket team.

The company has 11 patents awarded to it. It has installed its machines in residential homes, industry, places of worship, public spaces, ships and through CSR in government schools and communities.  The company has done extensive Research and Development to design a range of water machines that are uniquely innovative in the efficiency, capacity, cost, filtration system, minerals, cartridges as well as the variation in the climate and geographic areas that it can be used in.

Depleting ground water coupled with changing climatic conditions is creating problems in the availability and quality of water.  Problems range from poor management of water sources, contaminated supplies, leaky distribution networks and vast volumes of untreated wastewater being poured into India’s rivers.   The acute  shortage of water in Chennai in 2019 is a case in point.

The concept of generating water from air is gaining traction as a good, sustainable  alternative for access to water and the market opportunity is expected to be $10Billion in the next 5 years.

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