Amaya is a tamil romantic drama film written and directed by Nikhil V.Kamal. The film stars Suja Suriya Nila (Miss Madras 2016) in her feature film debut as the the title character, Master Mahindran playing a very pivotal role in the film . Produced by peruvakkaran films , it features soundtrack and score composed by by Gautam S , lyrics by the director himself Nikhil V Kamal cinematography by Hari harish and Shinto p George and editing by Rajesh hariharan.

The film is about a pregnant lady who is in search of her lover who happens to betray her .The film starts with Amaya recalling her love and life within her tribe.

It’s an very interesting and exciting plot of searching her lover in a completely new place and language unknown to her. Amaya is going to be a visual delight with beauty shots depicting beautiful landscapes and tribe culture.

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