The story involves the thrilling trap of the drug dealer ‘Deva’ along with the strange people falling in the trap as hostages of the drug lord unknowingly due to various situations inside ‘Bawa Lodge’. Many questions and mystery develops with blood shedding enthrallment. Clumsiness among the characters occurs who has rare connection to the incidents such that mystery will be uncertainly revealed with the contagious craze for attaining Deva’s throne.

Many lives are sacrificed with the gun shots and many fears lead to throat sweating throttles of Demonic beast. Threats, weapons, blood, bullets, swords, dust, drugs, bruises and fire become the description drug lord’s style.

The endless cat and mouse game gets furious at every heating point whereas the cat’s patience and the mouse’s incomparable gestures becomes the gusting moments of the play.

Limitless exhaustion to save the money pounding drugs throws the undying battles with the trust worthy men.

Loops with loopholes create very thin line for falling into the crucial death pit.

Dreadful and tragic trap involves the flashback, betrayal, revenge, emotions, comeback, fear and action which ends up with unbelievable mystery breakdown.

Episodic Synopsis

Chapter 1 – The Sugar

With the firing chaos in ‘Bawa Lodge’, the mystery starts with the introduction of Theresa who has been transferred for the 25th time to the vast drug trafficking city of Chennai. Meanwhile people stuck with different situations are introduced.

Chapter 2 – The Host

Deva gets introduced as an arrogant beast with the simultaneous sequences of different people involving an advocate fighting for proper judgment to abolish the toxic ‘Century Copper Industry’, struggling two villagers with poverty by trusting in fortune, a doctor feeling for his loneliness without having any pleasures in life and an ambitious PT teacher wishing to arrange money to build the unsteady school building by sending students to the brain mastered reality show.

Chapter 3 – Fortune and Failure

Adhira finds the excessive usage of sulphuric acid and collects evidence in ‘Century Copper’ factory. She then fights for justice, which ends up as a failure. Golden fortune arrives to the villagers which makes them travel to Chennai. On the other hand, Theresa gathers all details about Deva and thinks about ways to attack him for ceasing the drugs.

Chapter 4 – No Vacancy

Situations make people to enter into the dusty and blood shedding web of the ferocious drug lord Deva.  Simultaneously agenda for destroying the well webbed trap of drug lord has been drawn out.

Chapter 5 – The Trap

Deva gets clue about the snitchers inside his territory and Theresa sneaks into the first step to trap inside Deva’s territory.

Chapter 6 – The Collision

A dark narration of background filled with the dreadful betrayal and dark blood shedding action runs out in Deva’s mind. Messed up with assumptions and threats, Deva traps all people inside ‘Bawa Lodge’.

Chapter 7 – The Weave

Mouse halts people as hostages. Ambiguity increases after warnings arise from Police.

Chapter 8 – The Awakening

Deva gets warnings to be aware of Theresa’s strategy planned for his attack. The reminiscence about the revival of Deva as a crowned king of cocaine smuggling in drug dealing bustle runs simultaneously.

Chapter 9 – The Quicksand

Fear mixed anxiety is induced among the hostages. Theresa comes to Deva’s territory ending up with the question whether Theresa will catch Deva and cease the drugs.

Chapter 10 – The Calling

Theresa tries to catch Deva but unexpected hustles happen with suspicious thrills. Blood sheds and gun shoots with jerks. The reign of ‘Vella Raja’ thug comes to an end whereas the craze for smuggling drugs becomes the endless calling of drug dealing quicksand.

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