Director  – Kuttii Kumar

Cast – Lal, Nishanth, Vaishali, Rekha, Raja, Sambath Ram, Cheran Raj

Cinematography  – R. Balaji

Editing – Kumar, Karthick

Music Director – R.Sivatmikha

Art Director – Suraj

Poster Design – Manikandan (Gettin Dream Studio)

Directed by Kutti Kumar, Antony was touted to be first time attempt towards a claustrophobic film, a film that is centred on claustrophobia, a fear of confined places. This gave the film a great brand mileage and the expectation meter was on a high. Has the film lived up to its expectation. Read on to know

Nishanth (Antony) finds himself stuck in a car that is buried under the ground. The tension starts from that very moment and then passes over to the side of the characters that set off in search of him.

Vaishali (Antony’s girlfriend) and Lal (Antony’s father) begin their search by listing the most probable people with whom Antony hasn’t been in the best of relationship. On the other hand, the struggle made by Antony is sprinkled here and there.

What the film misses out is the logically possible way out of trap the protagonist is in. This is the most expected aspect of the film which has not been delivered convincingly.

Moreover, the movie switches to a another track where the heroine gets kidnapped by the baddies which seems quite irrelevant considering the very less time the trapped guy has. The sequences often toggle between the efforts of Antony and his father.

Cinematography is one of the best technical department that has rendered its best support for the film. The lighting sets the realistic feel for the trapped environment. Editing effort, on the other hand, is mostly evident in the toggling between scenes and the splitscreen sequences. Music by Sivatmikha did not help much.

Verdict: A risky experiment gone wrong.


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