A silent release with trailer and posters being the only promotion, Aram has become a killer hit overnight and here is why the film has won many hearts.

Gopi Nainar, the director who claimed AR Murugadoss’ Kaththi to be his story has directed Aram. The film has water scarcity issue as its theme and in the background the director has cleverly used the world-class rocket science prowess of India to provide a impactful comparative angle which is the most clever part. Gopi Nainar will be remembered for scripting such an intense talkie film with hard hitting dialogues.

The film rips apart India and highlights the plight of one among many neglected lots. Its brilliance also lies in the fact that it throws light on how life saving inventions are being overlooked for fame-earning technologies like rocket science.

Gibran is a silent killer. His background score exponentially increase the intensity of scenes and it all become too tensed to a level you don’t move a bit. Only two songs and that’s well crafted for social messages.

Dialogues play a crucial role. They are sensible, placed well and hard hitting. A special applause for the dialogues. Editing and camera have worked magic for the film. Right from the tone to angles in which certain scenes have been captured provide a realistic feel. Editors neat trims has helped in showcasing clearly the scenes shot multiple angles.

Nayanthara is a superstar to have chosen the film. It demands her to step away from the hero or lead’s stand and perform along with the story. She has done exactly that. She has played the role of an IAS officer who is responsible and reacts to issues pretty fast without hesitation, something which only hero’s have done so far.

Verdict: Missing a theater watch will be a huge loss.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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