Cast: M Sasikumar, Namo Narayana, Nandita Swetha, Vasumithra

Direction: M Maruthupandian

Screenplay: M Maruthupandian

Story: M Maruthupandian

Music: Govind Menon

Cinematography: SR Kathir

Editing: R. Govindaraj

A dark revenge drama that has not compromised a bit in showing fury in full blow. The sound recording, background score, stunts and cinematography – all these technicalities have worked together towards achieving a convincing revenge story.

The film is builds a pillar of suspense in the first half. The revenge starts right from the first scene and the way the film’s protagonist induces fear upon his target is something new to watch.

What’s special about the director’s idea is that, he has drifted away from keeping the revenge just to one single scene in the climax (which we have seen so far) to a well planned mental torture plan that inces close to revenge phase by phase. This new approach is the main difference to watchout in the film.

Sasikumar maintains a tough look throughout the film. He has also has a part to bring his emotional side out and he has done that well. Background score sounding like metal and hardrock by Govind Menon helps in showing the intensity of revenge scenes.

However, the lengthy scenes that builds the image of the hero could have been trimmed a bit to make it crisp and enjoyable. The antagonist Vasumithra, who plays the role of Samayan has played a very challenging role well. His emotions that comes out when he suffers are the those which gives the revenge scene its success.

Cinematography is neat, mainly the lighting throughout the film. Stuns sequences make the most part of the film. Vehicle chases, on foot chases and fist fighting sequences have been choreographed very well, all praises to the stunt director.

The film that ends its first half with enough hype for the flashback story lets down audience when it reveals the reason behind,. Though, a very little part or even just a voiceover that indicates child abuse as the reason behind is enough, the director could have at least cared more about showing how the hero zeroes the exact culprit as his victim.

Verdict: A technically well made revenge drama that is too dark and builds up more than it could deliver in the second half.


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