‘Yaman’ starring Vijay Antony, directed by Jeeva Sankar and produced by Lyca productions and Fatima Vijay Antony under the banner Vijay Antony film Corporation, is the star attraction of the trade circles as of date. Thanks to the enlarging presence of Vijay Antony the actor, the reunion of the hit combo of Naan Vijay Antony – Jeeva Sankar, and the marketing and promotional expertise of Lyca productions. These factors combine together to give this mammoth visibility. 

The music director Vijay Antony never to be left behind has reserved February 4th as the day of his arrival in the arena for ‘Yaman’. The audio launch will happen on Saturday in Sathyam cinemas and this musical launch is all set to travel over the super hype created by the deadly teaser of Yaman which had proven itself as a winner in the initial stages of promotion. “The ultimate Judgement for good music and a good film are the fans. I take lot of pride in celebrating and launching my music in the presence of fans and general audience and i extend my invitations to them through this, after all they sculpted me and I am here today because of the love and support of the audience.” says Vijay Antony with modesty.

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