Beach Clean-Up with Actress Sakshi Agarwal at Marina

When he came to Chennai (2008) to work for “Franchise India” he didn’t had office so he started working from beach in his car. (Currently he his the Group CEO of Paulsons Group who owns brands like TONI&GUY, Essensuals, Haagen-Dazs, Jonah’s, SLAM Lifestyle & fitness, etc)

He had enough time and interest to observe the positive and negatives of Marina.

He wondered why the people of Chennai are not bothered about the cleanliness of Marina and always complained about it but one day he had a chance to see and read the words of Gandhi ji ” Be the change what you want to see in this world” in a Sundal Paper. It triggered and ignited him to do something for the beautiful beach which accommodated people like him.
The result is “Angels of Marina” and it’s popular “I ❤️ Marina” campaign took birth on 2012.

With his driver, wife and few friends the weekly clean up started its activity every Sunday morning 6:30 AM at Light House, Marina beach. Nowadays 100s of volunteers from NGOs , schools, colleges, corporates, expats and people from different part of the country participate in the weekly clean up. Everyone Tre

a​ sure the tshirt , selfie and certificate of Angels of Marina.

Lot of celebs expressed their interest and participated in the weekly cleanup. Lots of Corporates and brands came forward to support the great dream. Today we had Actress Sakshi Agarwal and her entire family for the clean up. She has agreed to be our brand evangelist to create awareness about keeping the beaches clean.

We are very proud that we made a successful clean up today where 300+ volunteers collected covered the stretch of 2 kms and collected 350 bags (650 kg’s) of garbage’s.

We also celebrated women’s day with the women worker’s who is cleaning the Marina everyday.

250+ Certificates which are signed by Sakshi Agarwal has been given to the volunteers.

“Who ever comes to Marina and do anything to make her clean and beautiful will be called as an Angel of Marina” says Blessing A Manikandan, who is a real blessing to Marina. We love Marina but Marina Loves you Blessing.

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