Beauty Beyond Makeup!

Good skin care is akin to the defence forces. It keeps skin protected and allows it to stay nourished and radiant.

“Beauty is skin deep” will be given a new meaning at Beauty Bloom, a skincare and makeup conclave to be held at Express Avenue mall between the 10th and 16Th February 2020. Curated by ASTREA, BEAUTY BLOOM is an endeavour to bring together skincare and makeup, thereby giving holistic beauty and skin wellness tips; to create an interactive, dynamic and exclusive beauty platform for all beauty and makeup lovers.

Participating brands are Bobbi Brown, Kama Ayurveda, Kryolan, New U, Lifestyle and Astrea.

We want people to feel beautiful, to accept the skin they have been gifted with, but exercise the choice to maintain it or improve it. Commit to life long skincare because skin has to last a lifetime.

Think bright skin, not fair skin is our motto. Skin of any hue can look radiant with the right care. Astrea is bringing in DARK IS BEAUTIFUL (DISB) to the event on 16th Feb towards that, since the brand believes strongly in Beauty Beyond Makeup.

The Dark Is Beautiful campaign was started in 2009, by Women of Worth, a non-profit initiative based in India, as an awareness and advocacy campaign to fight colourism. It seeks to draw attention to the unjust effects of skin colour bias, shaped by societal attitudes and reinforced by media messages that are corroding the self-worth of countless people, young and old.

The DISB, founded and headed by Kavitha Emmanuel is supported by activists and celebrities like Nandita Das, Shekhar Kapoor and Anu Hasan, amongst many others.

What to expect at Beauty Bloom ? The Participant brands will focus on :

Q & A sessions

Expert consultations

Workshops and Masterclasses

Happy hours

Prep before makeup

Party makeup

Corporate makeup.

Astrea’s highlight will be a Do It Yourself workshop, where registered partcipants will be taught to make customised facial oil suitable to suit their individual skin type, and they get to take it home.

Beauty Quotes for the event :

Sharon Natarajan, Astrea – At Astrea, we believe that healthy skin is the secret to a glowing ski, no matter what the skin tone maybe”.

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