Radha Mohan, the feel-good movie specialist is yet another breezy and pleasing flick Brindavanam. Arulnidhi as Kannan is a lovable person who happens to have his whole neighborhood as his friends. Among his many known persons is Tanya (as Sandhya) who has a secret love interest for Kannan.

Kannan happens to meet his onscreen idol Vivek who eventually becomes one of his best pals. Sandhya proposes to Kannan which he denies because of an untold secret of his past. The flashback behind it and what happens to their love relationship forms the rest.

Radha Mohan has pulled off yet another feel-good film woven with light hearted comedy, social messages and sentiments. Dialogue writer Pon Parthiban and Radha Mohan’s combination has worked out well for the second time after Uppu Karuvadu.

Arulnidhi, Tanya and Vivek are the key performers. Arulnidhi, for the choice of his stories has become one of the most sought after actors. He has played the role of an expressive mute well. Tanya looks pretty and has done a decent job. Vivek and his longterm associate sell Murugan bring the roof down in the first alf. The laughter marathon continues to the second half as well.

Apart from these three, Radha Mohan’s regular casts like MS Bhaskar have perfectly executed their job. Music by VIshal Chandrasehkar is a big plus to the film. THe feelgood tunes give a breezy feel to the film and the scenic locations of hill station have been captured well by MS Vivekanand.

Vansan Movies

Cast: Vivek, Arulnithi, Tanya, Cell Murugan

Direction: Radha Mohan

Production: Shan Sutharsan

Music: Vishal Chandrasekhar

PRO – Nikkil Murugan

Verdict: Yet another feel-good, lighthearted outing from Radha Mohan worth a watch.


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