An out and out commercial entertainer from one of the most sought after directors AR Murugadoss starring Superstar Rajnikanth has hit the screens and is making waves for its power packed performances. Here’s what you got to know before you decide to watch the film.

Though the director is accused of lacking a strong story that drives the whole film, AR Murugadoss has managed to come up with a screenplay that could keep the audience intact. From the very beginning it is a villain-hero duel. The combat which we have seen in films like Kaththi and Thuppaakki.

The film picks up pace in the first 15 minutes and races to a twisty interval break scene. Setting high expectations, the 2nd half reveals a more powerful villain and breaks into a sentiment mode for a while and the rest forms the conclusion of the film.

For Rajnikanth it’s a super effort movie. Be it the demanding stunts, workout scenes or dance, the actor has given his best shot. His effort goes into every department of a typical commercial cinema right from comedy, romance, sentiment and action. Yogi Babu plays a good supporting role providing ample laughter for the audience. Nivetha Thomas has more screen space than Nayanthara and she has played her part to perfection.

Music from Anirudh is definitely not his best but the composer has come up with a thoroughly enjoyable background score that sets the tempo for action scenes. Editor Sreekar Prasad has done a great job in keeping up the pace with his neat edits while Santosh Sivan has worked out his magic with his lighting and slow motion captures.

Verdict: A commercial entertainer made special with Rajnikanth’s swag.

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