Saintunes pays tribute to women and womanhood through a song that brings out how a woman is very special in sense of the word. As the word ‘Woman’ ensconces the word ‘Man’, it is naturally imperative that she is in no uncertain terms superior to the male gender.

This year song brings out the emotion of women in their point of view of calling all Men as ‘ Friend’ and ask them  to listen what women has to say.

The song is penned down against male chauvinism and speaks about  Women federation and freedom in their choices of life in terms of clothing, thoughts and lifestyle.

The Music is composed by R. Kumar Narayanan and penned down by Dharan.



Composed By: R.Kumar Narayanan

Singer :M.M.Manasi

Programmed By :Anish Mohan & Sajan Shenoy

Lyricist : K.R> Dharran

Line Production : K.G. Sreenivasan

Media Head: Biju Davidson

Sound Engineers: R.Kumar Narayanan, Jagan Kalyan & Anish Mohan

Recorded At : Saintunes Studios

Edited By : Nexgen Media

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