The domination that upper-class people love to establish over the aspiring lower middle class is the main crux of the film. This is something that Goli Soda, the first installment of the film rode on. Three youngsters face problems in their lives and fate unites them into a team and how they take on their rough tides to emerge victorious forms the story.

Maaran, Siva and Oli are the main characters around which the story revolves. They have their own lives, love tracks and rough patches as well which puts them into trouble. Samuthirakani, who handles the cases involved in each of the lead roles acts as the pivot in uniting these characters. Gautham Vasudev Menon has played a cameo in this film.

The first half contains more of introducing the three individual characters and their respective life. The film takes its own time to bring together the lead roles as a team. Till then the film is highly appreciable.

What disappoints is the lengthy pre-climax and climax sequences which seem to be overdone. However, the stunt choreography of Supreme Sundar has to be appreciated. It would have been much better if it had been kept short.

Supporting characters Samuthirakani, Saravana Subbaiah, Rohini and Vincent Selva have played their part well. Music from Achu Rajamani scores high points in the background tracks. A love song ‘En Pondatti’ in the film is the best pick of the album.

Cinematography has been handled by the director himself and as usual, his lighting and angles are impressive. The film which switches to many sub-stories every now and then has been narrated well with Deepak’s editing effort.

The latter part of the second half is filled with too loud action sequences, over paced scenes and dialogues that seems forced. Though the climax seems predictable, the director has a surprise packed there as well but the cinematic end is what that slightly disappoints.

Verdict: A film that could have worked well without the cliches-filled ending.


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