Iravukku Aayiram Kangal is a crime thriller starring Arulnidhi and Mahima Nambiar in lead roles. The film is based on blackmailers who target aged people luring them into illegal affairs.

Director Mu Maran has done a brilliant work with the screenplay which introduces several character in the first half and converges them into one murder case that forms the main puzzle. The jigsaws (characters) have been placed well to finally show the main picture.

The film keeps us guessing every moment. The small flashback for every character which reveals how they are connected to the current scene has been done really well and that’s something very new to see.

Anandaraj provides the comic relief. Though his comical lines seems a bit unnecessary at times, the humor relief works well in this full length crime thriller. Arulnidhi has, as usual, done his job well. As a taxi driver sincere towards his work and love, his struggle to solve the mystery that gets him into trouble is realistic.

Actress Mahima Nambiar has done her role to perfection and so have the other characters Anandaraj, Ajmal Vidya Pradeep, John Vijay, Chaya Singh and more. With so many characters to handle, the director has scripted a smart screenplay to put them in the right places so that the guessing is always on.

Music by Vikram Vedha fame Sam CS is a great positive for the film. His background scores provide the right thrills at the right time. Cinematographer Aravindd Singh’s lighting is good. A majority of the film happens at night and the lighting made by the cinematographer has helped a lot.

San Lokesh’s editing work needs a special mention as he film has too many flashback sequences and same scenes that get repeated when shown from a different person’s perspective. All thanks to his eiting work for  confusion-less flow of the film.

Verdict: A well made crime thriller.


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