Directed by Muruganandham, Kathanayagan is a Vishnu Vishal starrer film having Catherine Tresa as the female lead and Soori for comic relief.

It’s a romantic comedy that has Vijay Sethupathi playing a cameo which adds to the star attraction of the film. The film takes the general route of out and out comedy films that are completely free of logics. The story is a common one as well with Vishnu Vishal appearing with his sidekick Soori and romancing his love Catherine.

Ananda Raj and Motta Rajendran are cool additions but significantly boost our expectation in the comedy front. But unfortunately the expectation is met only in a few scenes.

Soori, the main comedy relief has not lived up to the expectation. His same body language that has helped establish himself as a worthy contender in the humor department has started looking average already.

His partnership with Vishnu Vishal is cool considering the fact that VIshnu has enough experience when it comes to romantic comedies, but the comedy track is not the best.

As the film is a no brainer and lacks a strong storyline the entertainment factor heavily rests upon comic relief which is not great.

The leads are young and vibrant to make a good looking pair onscreen but that’s the only positive thing. If the director had come up with better comedy tracks, Kathanayagan would have won many hearts easily as people never complain even when the comedy is overdose.

Verdict: Average comedy flick funny in parts.

Rating: 2.25 / 5

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