To start off with, Maari 2 is much better than its predecessor Maari. Director Balaji Mohan has done a fairly quick and entertaining screenplay with songs placed in perfect intervals.

For Dhanush’s fans, Maari 2 is a treat to watch as the fight sequences and mass building tactics prior to fight scenes are great. Stunts are mostly continuous slow motion shots that makes every fight scenes massively entertaining. Not to forget Yuvan’s cracking background score.

Sai Pallavi fits role of a naughty, local belle who drools over Maari. She has contributed in comical parts, emots well in romantic and emotional portions and also showcases her outstanding dancing skills.

Sanikilamai (Robo SHankar) and his partner Idithaangi of Maari fame have done a fabulous job with their comic strength. Especially in the second half, that seems a bit lengthy in parts, these two bring the roof down with their partnership Maari.

Dhanush, on the other hand, is naughtier than Maari 2. His dialogue delivery and body language add more strength to his character and make his scenes watchable. DHanush has also played his part in singing department as well. Both the songs are already smash hits.

Yuvan SHankar Raja is continuing his dream run with Maari 2. His adrenaline thumping background score provide the energy that maass scenes and fight sequences need. Maari 2 as an album is a album hit as we all know. Rowdy baby song with Prabhu Deva’s choreography and sparkling costumes and sets, is a treat to watch.

Verdict: A perfect commercial entertainer. A must theater watch.

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