Director Boopathy Pandian after creating a laugh riot Pattathu Yaanai, is back with a full on rural flick ‘Mannar Vagaiyara’. The director has taken the commercial route with heavily packed casting and comedians on board.

The film focuses more on family sentiments which are well shouldered by veterans like like Prabhu, Saranya Ponvannan and more. Robo Shankar and Singam Puli fit well in rural sidekicks for Vemal. Vemal, as we all know, fits aptly as a rural hero. His slang and body language add strength to the character.

The film revolve around two families and so everything about the film is laced around it. For those who love family sentiments, Mannar Vagaiyara is a totally fine movie to spend money on. While, for the rest, only the comic parts from Robo Shankar and Singam Puli will be consolation.

The film surprises with unexpected guest roles. Seniors Prabhu and Saranya Ponvannan have played their part well and shouldered the sentiment parts with ease. Vemal, as usual, has played really cool without too much of effort and that’s something which the role also demands.

Anandhi , the female lead, has less to do in the film but she had made her presence felt in the limited screen time she has been allocated. Her lively and expressive performance makes her role memorable.

Music scored by Jakes Bejoy is good. In terms of screenplay, Boopathy Pandiyan has placed comedy tracks, fight scenes and sentiments at regular intervals which is a perfect masala route that has not worked well.

Verdict: Watch Mannar Vagaiyara if you love family sentiments


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