Director Bala’s 8th outing Naachiyaar starring Jyothika in the lead role is out in theaters and here is what that makes it special.

With a crisp run time of just 1.40 minutes, director Bala has neatly conveyed a strong message. It is about the maturity of people whom we judge to be useless, petty or useless and how true their love can be.

At the same time, the director shows his intensity through the character Naachiyaar a brutal, straightforward cop who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding justice for the innocent.

A mysterious premarital pregnancy case that travels with the intent of punishing the troublemaker is pinned with a lot of twists and turns. The screenplay is laced in such a way that it smartly deceives audience from finding the right person.

Jyothika, as Naachiyaar, has played a tough character after ‘Pachaikili Muthucharam’. From being merciless to the troublemakers to showing subtleness to the innocent, she has played the role of a daring cop to perfection.

Naachiyaar is probably the best example for her ability to do any kind of roles. She carries the rage which the character demands throughout the film.

Eshwar has done the cinematography while Sathish Suriya has made the edits. Both have done complete justice to a screenplay that runs briskly. GV Prakash Kumar and Ivana seems to be a good pairing and have exhibited quality acting skills with their part they had to play.

Isaignani Ilayaraja’s background scores and Bala’s storytelling is always a match made in heaven and Naachiyaar is no different from it. However, the lack of a quality song is a huge disappointment for Ilayaraja’s fans.

Verdict: A short story that delivers a strong message in Bala’s style.


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