Nerkonda Paarvai is one of the most important films in Ajith’s film career as it marks the beginning of his decision towards playing character oriented roles rather than going for larger than life characters.

Director Vinod has done full justice to the remake by not only adding his creative inputs but also catering to the fan moments of Ajith Kumar. The pre interval scene clearly hints what Vinod might be having reserved for us in his second film with the star.

Dialogues have played an important role in this talkie heavy film and Ajith has delivered them with ease. His composed mannerisms and focussed intent he carries from the first scene till the last prove that the actor has done his homework well.

The director has not overdone but also not under delivered having a star like Ajith on board. There are a couple of punch dialogues to look out for. As usual, the director’s casting talent is something that should be appreciated. The judge, Pandey, the girls and the guys, and every other character you get to see are perfect in their roles.

Pandey as the opposition’s lawyer has done a decent job in his acting debut. The three female characters upon whom the whole film is centred, have carried out their character with poise.

Yuvan’s BGM stands out large and helps in intensifying scenes wherever needed.

Verdict: NKP being a dialogue heavy movie is not preachy instead a much important ‘need of the hour’ advice from a very important actor.

Rating: 3/5

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