DIrected by B Ashok Kumar, Neruppu Da stars VIkram Prabhu in the lead role romancing Nikki Galrani. The trailer created an expectation among movie lovers as it clearly showed intents of showcasing lives of firemen. As a matter of fact, that happens but takes a commercial route in the end.

Vikram Prabhu has justified the role with some good acting and serious mannerisms. Nikki Galrani, considering her Tamil speaking skills, could have been used better with a strong role that travels throughout the film. She has done her part well.

The film neither travels speaking completely about firemen’s heroics nor a thrilling core plot. There are quite a few thrills that interests but that’s not the case every time. Rajendran happens to be the comic relief but his presence hasn’t helped the film to the expected level.

The band of brothers who swear to become firemen promise us of a team entertainment but that has not been written well mainly in the friendship bonding part.

Sean Roldan’s songs are just fine with ‘Alangiliye’ being the best of the lot. RD Rajasekhar has done a great job with his lens capturing some cool firefighting shots.

If the film hadn’t lost course from being a hardcore firemen movie that doesn’t divert to take a commercial route, Neruppu Da would have been a pretty decent action entertainer.

Verdict: Loses firepower very soon and doesn’t reignite.

Rating 2.25 / 5

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