The success of any film is well defined initially with the combination on paper. The producer plays a major part in making this magical combinations which determine the commercial success of the film that subsequently makes the distributors, exhibitors and all others involved in the film trade, laugh all the way to the bank. The latest sensational combo is well conceived by producer Jayakumar of Cameo films who had earlier produced Trisha illana Nayanthara that had triggered the cash registers ringing. It is to be noted that the advent of G V Prakash as a commercially successful hero was initiated in Trisha Illana Nayanthara.

Fresh from the roaring success of Trisha Illana Nayanthara, Cameo films very determined to continue the streak of success announce their next project with Atharvaa as a Hero and Ajay Gnanamuthu of Demonte colony as a director. This fresh combination had triggered huge expectations in the trade circle and the movie industry is buzz in discussing the commercial viability of this combination already.
” As a production company Cameo films has a mission statement. We are not aiming at one sector of the audience alone.Our target is the entire entertainment loving sector. We are determined to change the genre of every single film we make. This fresh combination of Atharvaa and Ajay Gnanamuthu will enhance our reputation as quality film makers.Atharvaa in my opinion is an absolute star material. The potentiality of this project will cement his position in the top orbit. Ajay has got very bright days ahead. His making style and narrations are up to the international standard. We are on the verge of strengthening the cast and crew with the best possible. We are all set to rope in an other top actor of pan Indian fame to add value addition to the film. After all half the battle is won on designing the project and we as a team are determined to make this film massive in terms of production values and commercial success too. The pre production works are on and come September…we are on the floors to shoot ” declared C Jayakumar of Cameo films brimming with confidence.

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