Culture Machine’s digital channel ‘Put Chutney’ collaborated with the stalwarts from the recently released film PINK, Taapsee Pannu and Angad Bedi for the music video titled ‘The Yes No Song’ which emphasises on the importance of women’s consent. Consent is one of the most nuanced and under-discussed issues that plagues our country. Our society has falsely romanticized the idea that you need to forcefully pursue and stalk a woman in order to win her affection.


In ‘The Yes No Song’ Taapsee Pannu sings about the idea of consent to the opposite sex. It is a jovial song with a powerful message set to the tune of the popular Tamil number “Comena Come”. The video points out that a woman’s heart is not a trophy and ‘stalking’ and ‘threatening’ are not the ways to win over her love. The song also addresses the flip side of this issue. Taapsee urges women not to adhere to the ‘charade of womanhood’ that has been propagated by society. She points out that a woman need not deny her true feelings by putting up an act of shyness that she is supposed to display before accepting a man’s advances.


Taapsee Pannu commented on the song, “As a woman, I have often faced the difficult situation of men refusing to take rejection. Stalkers and over-enthusiastic fans seem to be part and suspicious parcel of celebrity life. But, this problem isn’t exclusive to film stars. Almost every woman has been subject to importunate men refusing to take no for an answer. It can be as harmless as annoying spam on Facebook and escalate all the way to acid attacks or even murder. I believe we need to address this issue more often.” Angad Bedi shared his views on the video, “While this video is aimed at a South Indian audience, I believe the message is universal. As people with a considerable following, it is essential for us to come out and speak about the right to consent.”

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