1. ALMA (2015):

Alma is a funny bipolar woman that kicks her husband out of the house because he is tired of her illness. He will do everything it takes to get her back.

Director: Diego Rougier

Duration: 97 min

Wins: 4, Nominations: 3


A frustrated husband has lost patience with his rather temperamental wife. Afraid to ask for a divorce, he follows his friend’s advice & hires famous local Don Juan, Puma to seduce her.

Director: Diego Rougier

Duration: 100 min

  • REY (2017):

In 1860, a French lawyer dreamed of becoming the King of Patagonia. And he did just that. Or so it seems.

Director: Niles Atallah

Duration: 91 min

Wins: 2, Nominations: 5

  • MEDEA (2019):

Medea is expelled from the mining region in the Atacama Desert (Chile) and is given just one day to disappear. But in that single day, she comes up with a plan for revenge.

Director: Alejandro Moreno

Duration: 75 min

  • SAL (2011):

A film director obsessed with making a western decides to go to Northern Chile in search of a story for his screenplay. Being confused with another, a real adventure begins.

Director: Diego Rougier

Duration: 114 min

Wins: 36, Nominations: 19

  • SHINING MOON (2016):

A jobless gay actor is offered the dream role of a lifetime in a feature film, but he must play an elderly drag. He will be forced to overcome his fears and prejudices to understand better himself and the others.

Director: Gustavo Letelier

Duration: 93 min

Win: 1

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