Chennai, 29th November, 2019: After a roller-coaster ride that often came close to going off the rails, COLORS Tamil’s favourite couple, Prithvi and Kayal, seems set for a grand wedding. There couldn’t be a more fitting finale to the emotionally intense fiction show that has enthralled viewers for two years.  

The wedding ceremonies that have begun with great enthusiasm, will culminate in a traditional Nalangu followed by a majestic reception. 

As we wait with bated breath, the upcoming week in COLORS Tamil is set to be even more engrossing with many memorable marriage moments and, perhaps, one or two more twists. 

Could this be the much awaited day for Prithvi and Kayal? Is it really time for celebrations after as the couple was spotted in the backdrop of a grand wedding? Or will Nethra find ways to create new problems for the couple? With many questions on the minds of the audience, the much awaited climax leaves us all on an edge.

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