Director Gowtham Raj’s debut film starring Jyothika in the lead role is yet another attempt to bring to light the lethargy in educational institutions run by the government. Lady superstars donning a larger than life roles has become common in Tamil cinema and Raatchasi also joins the band wagon.

Jyothika shines bright in her powerful role and shows her seasoning in emoting appropriately for the situation. Be it powerful punch dialogues, carrying attitude, fearlessness, down to Earth approach towards toddlers or breaking down to tears in emotional scenes the actress has performed to her fans’ content.

Any script that mocks the government’s policies or its employees is an ins hit among the masses. That too the education system from NEET to school level policies are the best areas to hit to draw attention and the director has done exactly that.

This script also marks the beginning of getting audience used to watching women playing larger than life roles like heroes have done so far.

The headmistress Jyothika bringing in changes in school policies, locking horns with teachers, politicians and private school owners who try stopping her are scenes of pure mass for the lady superstar.

More experienced artistes as support casts would have added strength the scenes and also if the others have been given equal power, the rivalry could have been more natural and better.

Verdict: Watch it for the lady superstar in action

Rating 2.75/5

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