“If we are able to lift our spirits, we can achieve anything and everything that we want to” – one person who stands as a testimony is popular VJ Ramya Subramanian. Apart from being a prominent face of Tamil television and a socialite she is also known to be a in fitness and healthcare. 
She has recently ventured into power lifting and trained for months and participated in the recently held district level dead lifting competition. If participation in such a professional level competition is not enough a honour in itself, she has made this outing highly memorable by bagging two gold medals in dead life and bench press championships. 
Speaking about this, Ramya says, “ What a lovely journey this power lifting has been !!! Though I was not confident of myself at first , I was highly determined to be on par with the best with my hard work and dedication, which I am happy has happened now. I would like to thank my family and friends who stand by me and give such a moral boost to anything I venture into “.

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