Chennai, 15 October 2020: Charged with thought-provoking insights on life and society, watchSri Sri Ravishankar engage in a conversation addressing prevalent issues of the modern world with acclaimed actor-singer Ramya Nambeesan in this week’s episode of COLORS Tamil’s Sinthanaigal Simplified. Here are three reasons to tune into COLORS Tamil this Sunday 18th October 2020 at 11:00 AM.

Gender Parity:  Ramya Nambeesan sets the tone for the conversation by soliciting Gurudev’s viewpoint on gender equality in the present society. Acknowledging Ramya Nambeesan’s question with a riveting response, the episode will have Gurudev dwelling deeper into gender-related issues. Further elaborating on the need for education and empowerment of women, Gurudev will also be seen sharing his views on anti-social elements during the course of his conversation with Ramya Nambeesan 

Silence is Key:  Throwing light on the importance of various elements in one’s life, Gurudev’s conversation with Ramya Nambeesan further steers into an interesting path. The episode will have Gurudev further elucidating on how tranquility can influence an individual to comprehend things better and empower them to be more creative.

The stigma around divorce: The conversation further takes an interesting turn as Ramya picks Gurudev’s brain on various stigmas around divorce in India.  Gurudev’s assertive response to dealing with various stigmas in society will surely be an eye-opener for many.

This week’s episode filled with exchange of interesting anecdotes is all set to enthrall the viewers. Don’t forget to set reminders and tune into COLORS Tamil on 18th October 2020, Sunday at 11:00 AM to watch Sinthanaigal Simplified with Gurudev.

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