Sangathamizhan comes from the stable of  the director who gave us commercial entertainers like Vaalu and Sketch. Joining hands with Vijay Sethupathi, the director has produced yet another commercial flick but this time with a little bit of additional masala.

For Vijay Sethupathi fans, it’s always a pleasure to watch him do a larger than life role on screen. He’s throughout the film and makes his contribution in every department a commercial cinema focuses on like songs, comedy, romance and action.

In fact, Vijay Sethupathi even lifts the heavyweight off Soori’s shoulders in the comical sequences. The comical portions are placed alongside the screenplay.

The length of the film is quite taxing but still the commercial aspects keep the movie rolling at a decent pace. Though songs at certain places could have been avoided the tune and the colors make it enjoyable.

Speaking of action, there are one too many action sequences. The scene length also bothers audiences as many scenes are elongated with mandatory action sequences at the end.

However, the director unfolds a major twist at the later part of the second half but that makes up for just a couple of minutes.

Verdict: A commercial entertainer which could have been better if kept short of length and action. Strictly for Vijay Sethupathi fans.

Rating – 2.5/5

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