Directed by sr prabhakaran, the film stars vikram prabhu and manjima Mohan in lead roles. The film is a gangster thriller which delivers message to gundaism and those you thrive in it.

Manjima Mohan tries to woo vikram prabhu with her love and eventually she does tell him the right way to lead life.  Impressed by it, vikram prabhu tries to seek the path of righteousness but his enmity and own gang doesn’t allow him to.

Manjima’s father’s loyal right hand turns foe for vikram prabhu and her mother refuses to accept him as her son in law.

How does he marries manjima,  how he settles scores with his enemies forms the story.

The slow screenplay is a let down right from the start.  The first half seems ok and sets stage for a more gripping second half but the latter turns out to be a marathon of preaching from the protagonist.

Vikram prabhu and manjima Mohan have done their role well. Arul doss and Soundararaja are other two cool performers.

Director sr prabhakaran has stuck to his strength like nativity touch and language accents, but has pinned a screenplay that narrates the story in an incoherent way.  Certain scenes seem to be non sequential jumping from one stream to another.

Overall the film is a preachy gangster thriller that has its pros and downsides.

Writer & Director : S.R.Prabhakaran
Producer : T. G. Thiyagarajan (presenter), Sendhil Thiyagarajan, Arjun Thiyagarajan
Cast : Vikram Prabhu, Manjima Mohan, Kavin, Aishwarya Dutta
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography : Sivakumar Vijayan
Editor : M.Venkat
Production company : Sathya Jyothi Films

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