5th movie of Hari and Surya combo and the 3rd of Singam franchise, Singam 3 a.k.a Si3 is high on energy, sound and action. What else makes it worth a theater watch are as follows.

The screenplay is lightning fast and the action sequences turn every pinch of soil Durai Singam touches into bouncy pitches. All those regular things apart, the story line has a super villain who and a couple of middle men who screen him from the protagonist. The first half completely revolves around Durai Singam taking on local goons and the second half has the adrenaline pumping encounter between the main villain and hero.

Surya is as fit as a fiddle and perform the dialogue delivery and action sequences as he does in any Hari film. Shruti Haasan and Anushka come throughout the film but have not got much to do apart from the songs and in between chipping in.

The movie travels like flash but at the same time there are not any epic heroistic scenes that one could remember. Music from Harris Jayaraj should have been better and comedy is too poor to tolerate except a couple of scenes.

Like any other Hari film the film is a conglomeration of casting that provides a connectivity to other parts as well.

Verdict: Watchable typical Hari film. Better music and comedy could have made the film more enjoyable.


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