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Ace cameraman PC Sreeram celebrated his 60th birthday with literally all his his disciples who had marked themselves a space in the film industry in the sets of 24AM STUDIOS untitled project starring Actor Sivakarthikeyan, Actress Keerthy Suresh and Directed by Bagyarajkannan.

The excitement was very obvious in the reaction of P C Sreeram sir when he encountered the family of his disciples on a surprise note in the event. Nostalgic memories were strewn all around the air as the senior cameraman currently President of SICA and the pioneer in the art of modern cinematography recalled even the smaller details he shared with his disciples who them selves are a brand now.

Sivakarthikeyan recalled the sweet experience of working with P C sir and marveled at the humor sense of P C sir which he said had narrowed down the distance between an relatively in experienced youngsters like himself and a senior statesman like P.C.Sreeram

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