Sivakarthikeyan is high wave now. The 7 films old young actor is now become the 2nd hero after Superstar Rajinikanth in releasing a movie in Japanese city Nagoyachaya. Its none other than Remo.
Yes this Sivakarthikeyan movie will be screened on October 9th in Aeon Nagoyachaya.
Remo is releasing in 3 areas in Japan on October 8 and 9th i.e, Aeon Ebina-Oct 8 (Sat) and Skip city,Kawaguchi-Oct 9 (Sun) and Aeon Nagoyachaya-Oct 9 (Sun).
In the past years, only Superstar Rajinikanth’s movies alone releasing in Nagoyachaya. Now Sivakarthikeyan joins with Rajinikanth in the list.
‘Madras Movies’ releasing the movie in all these 3 areas in Japan.

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