Superpristine India brings a new perspective to cleanliness with the launch of its powerful Yuzol range of Cleaning Products. Effective and affordable, these are soon set to become a household name across India. This comprises the entire gamut of daily cleaning products. These include Yuzol Liquid Detergent, Yuzol Dishwash Gel, Yuzol Floor Cleaner, Yuzol Glass Cleaner, Yuzol Advanced De-Scaler Powder and Yuzo! Handwash, This India’s household cleaning industry is highly unorganized and the size of unorganized sector is over double that of the organized one. The surface cleaning market is growing at a rapid pace due to the rising hygiene awareness and promotion by brands. Superpristine India sees a big opportunity in the market in the mid-segment. There is a vacuum in the mid-segment above the 50% and below the 25% of the high end segment. They attempt to strike gold with this. The company has a targeted turnover of 50 crores by March 2022 and 100 crores by 2023.

Superpristine India is headed by promoters with over three decades of experience in speciality cleaners. This has stood them in good stead in developing products that are not just effective in cleaning but provide complete value for money. Mr. Anantharaman, Director says, “The Yuzol range of cleaning products promise superior quality products affordably. We can confidently say that they are in par with the best in the market.

” Headquartered at Chennai, the company has a strong infrastructure with a state-of-art automated plant at Ambattur. One of the greatest strengths is the R&D Department which is headed by an expert from India’s top FMCG company. This helps bring about innovation. It also has an extensive distribution network and has strong sales and marketing support initiatives.

Here’s a look at the key features of each product in the Yuzol portfolio. Yuzol Liquid Detergent is a brilliant formulation that gives clothes a gentle yet brightening and mild wash. It protects colours and has superior stain removal properties. It leaves clothes pleasantly fragranced. Yuzol Floor Cleaner is ideal for cleaning any kind of surface and kills 99.99 percent of germs. It can remove various types of tough stains and germ strains. It comes with a fresh and pleasing fragrance.

Yuzol Dish Wash Gel has a powerful formula that removes tough oil and grease. It kills germs and makes utensils sparkle. It also removes foul smell and is gentle and safe on hands. Leaves dishes with a refreshing lemon fragrance.

Yuzol Glass Cleaner is infused with shine boosters that give 3 times more shine than regular glass cleaners. This 100% streak-free glass cleaning spray clears away dust and dirt and leaves behind no residue. Yuzol Advanced De-Scaler Powder is a pioneer in the open market. This unique product Removes limes scale in washing machines & appliances and extends their life. It improves the washing power of detergents. It eliminates bad odours.

Yuzol Handwash cleanses, hydrates and has a pleasant fragrance. Formulated with gentle cleansers and skin conditioners, this leaves skin feeling soft and smooth, Future plans include expanding the range of products and to introduce personal care products such as body wash, unisex shampoo besides toilet cleaners, car interior fragrances and fabric softeners.

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