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Tharkappu  is a action Thriller Movie directed by R.P. Ravi and produced by S. Selvamuthu and Manjunath.

Actor Shakthi Vasudevan and Samuthirakani played a leading role. Shakthi and his police team  encounter riyaz khan when he was producing in the court. Shakthi is a encounter specialist, he lead a team under the control of superior officer. The encounter create big issues and Human Rights Officer samuthirakani investigate the encounter case. Then shakthi realize superior officer ­­­­use them to false encounter. Shakthi  going to surrender in court. On that time police planning  encounter operation to kill Sakthivel  in Bangalore highway. Two pair of couples was planning to elope in the early morning at 5. Am, in the same place where the Shakthi had been targeted to encounter. Shakthi escape from the encounter or not.

Sakthivel gets into the skin of his character and his body language, and expressions are flawless. Samuthirakani has been given a powerful role, and he has done full justice. Other than Shakthi and Samuthirakani the other artists are newcomers. Vatsan, Sathish, Amisha, and Sathish have done what is required of them.


Shakthi Vasudevan


Sathish Krishnan

Vatsan Chakravarthy

Vaishali Deepak


Riyaz Khan

Ganesh Prasath

Kebi Raj


Directed  – R. P. Ravi

Produced  – Dr. S. Selvamuthu Manjunath

Written – R. P. Ravi

Music – F. S. Faizal

Cinematography – Jones Anand

Edited – San Lokesh

Production company – Kinetoscope Production

PRO – John

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