Teens get into bad company because what they see is what they perceive. Being good does no good and being bad can help you achieve everything and anything quickly. This is what director Ganeshaa’s Vijay Antony and Nivetha Pethuraj starrer Thimuru Pudichavan talks about.

Vijay Antony (Murugavel – Sub Inspector) is a straightforward cop who vows to bring a local goon’s image and power in order to save a group of teenagers who do all his dirty work.

Screenplay in the first half is superfast. The films takes very little time to show us the key characters who set the base of the film’s story and quickly we get into the core part where Vijay Antony takes in charge.

The first half shows how Murugavel struggles to change the mindset of corrupt and lethargic cops and does that convincingly well. The dialogues and examples through which Murugavel make his team realize the respect that common people have on policemen are good ones.

The second half is completely a showdown of how the goon and Murugavel are battling between each other. A few scenes are clever but many scenes look like too much fun as they are seriously silly and totally unacceptable. Here is where the film drops and lags a lot. Apart from this, Thimuru Pudichavan is a very well made script.

Nivetha Pethuraj is lively, look great and has done a cool job by chipping in as a comedian as well. Her body language, mannerisms, slang and dialogue delivery makes her character enjoyable.

Vijay Antony, on the other hand, has managed to stage a powerful presence as a supreme cop. His fight sequences are good and his dialogue delivery also packs a punch.

Vijay Antony as a music director, has done cool with the background scores. The song ‘Thimiru Pudichavan’ serves as a background score as well and sets the energy level high for mass scenes.

Verdict: A Vijay Antony comeback film that drops a bit in the second half.

Rating: 2.75 / 5

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