Samuthirakani and Vikranth, two of the most sought after supporting artistes have joined hands for a film and so we can very much expect a performance packed film and the film happens to be the same.

Vikranth and Samuthirakani are star performers with the latter being the best among the two. Portraying himself as a social worker and sincere ambulance driver who has saved plenty of lives, the character he has played enough scope to deliver messages and kindle our fire to stand up for social cause.

A lecture to Vikranth on how to respect women, his tribute for jallikattu protesters and many such instances stressing the importance of devoting oneself for social issues are applaudable.

However his attempts of becoming an all round commercial hero earns him negative points. Vikrant has done his role perfectly. Sunaina and Samuthorakani’s pair are pleasant additions to the film.

Music by Justin Prabhakaran is ok while BGM is is better than the songs. Technicians Richard M Nathan and N.K. Ekambaram (cinematography) and A. L. Ramesh (editing) have done enough the present a technically perfect film.

On the whole, Thondan is a sincere social activist who delivers some hard hitting messages.


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