The first trilogy of Tamil cinema, Vada Chennai is the 4th film from Vetri Maaran’s stable. There are loads of other reasons why the film has earned such a big hype. Let’s dig into the things that makes the film special.

Vetrimaaran, the brain behind the film has made a script and screenplay that is well knitted. Every scene and character has something to do in the film and there are hardly any filler scenes. This is an example of how the director has thought of the entire script and then made the screenplay that best fits it.

The transformation phase of the movie is very logical than cinematic. When something troubles your mind a lot, you resort to your housemates to discuss and get a clarity. In Vada Chennai, a phase of this sort happens when Dhanush struggles a lot when he tries to cover up something.

In the performance front, the role of Rajan played by director Ameer is clearly the winner. Dhanush takes a back stage as the film celebrates the role of Rajan as it is the reason why the entire film happens.

Ameer has added great strength to the role of Rajan. His looks, appearance, mannerisms, expressions, dialogue delivery, dialect and attitude – everything make the role special.

Of course, Dhanush, Samuthirakani, Kishore, Pawan and many others have done their role well. Every actor in the film has come out of their comfort zone to play a role in a film that’s made by a demanding director.

Art Director Jacki and cinematographer Velraj are the biggest pillars of the move. The film has a lot of portions that happen yesteryear. Set properties like tools used, cigarettes, vehicles, roads, external and internal setup of roadside houses and much more. Every such property inside the frame has been worked well. Hats off to the art director and his team.

Velraj on the other hand, has done magic with his lightning. The night life, street lights, indoor lighting, jail set up and much more look realistic. The camera crew has hand held the lens for many shots and there are many single takes that makes the narration and the course of a scene very realistic.

Editor G.B. Venkatesh’s cuts helps in effective storytelling. The film demands loads of scene switches and the current and flashback sequences run parallely.

Santosh Narayanan, background score adds humongous strength to the film. It is not that that music director has chose to score for every scene, instead he has also smartly omitted certain areas without music. Songs of the film also serve like a background as most of them have montage shots and are played in bits and pieces.

Verdict: An excellent trilogy in the making.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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