Mohan Raja’s third direct film Velaikaran is out with over the to expectation ad here is what audience need to know about it.

Like Thani Oruvan, this film aims at corporate business people who od anything and everything for remaining on top.

Mohan Raja’s story provides quality content to write screenplay for. The screenplay blends well with the story and is crisp as ell.

Dialogues are the best part which delivers the punch, message and also educates viewers. The marketing ideas applied to solve real life problems, inspirations for marketing taken from real life learnings are interesting parts to watch out for.

Dialogues that state the worker-consumer ratio of every person packs the punch. Sivakarthikeyan has carried out emotions well right from the frustrated parts to the hopelessness.

Fahad Fazil has played his role to perfection. His lip sync and original voice dubbing add great deal of originality and authenticity to his performance. His performance seems like it is not his first in Tamil.

Nayanthara looks perfect and also does her role well. Though she has not got such a great character as she had n Thani Oruvan, her role does have some significance.

The difference between a worker’s attitude and capitalist’s thinking capability is well shown when Fahad Fazil turns things around in a jiffy while Sivakarthikeyan takes a lot of time to get clarity and plan to achieve what he wants to happen.

Art Director Muthuraj, cinematographer Ramji, music director Anirudh and editors Ruben and Vivek Harshan have done their roles exceedingly well. The sets are way too realistic, the light tone maintained in the film gives a unique texture while music pillars every scene in the film. Editors have neatly trimmed and connected parts of the film which has quite a lengthy run time.

Verdict: 2nd blockbuster in a row from Mohan Raja. Must watch

Rating: 3 / 5


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