Vijay Milton’s Rough Note Productions Gears up with Its Next Release Kadugu

It’s always bliss to be a friend of art rather than being just a producer and when a film is produced by such an identity, it turns to be an absolute showpiece. Visualizing a dream isn’t just confined to the art of cinematography for Vijay Milton, but he emerged as a successful filmmaker and producer strongly believing in good quality films. Sometimes, the best ideas are derived from the scribbling in Rough Notes and Vijay Milton’s Rough Note Productions has apparently been a stark illustration. The Production House winning high laurels for ‘Goli Soda’ is on its journey of bringing more unparalleled films from its hub is all gearing up for the releaseof its next film ‘Kadugu’.

The casting of rare combination actors itself has been adding the best means of attraction for this film, which features Bharath, filmmaker Rajakumaran and Vijay Milton’s brother Bharath in lead roles.

“The main motive behind Rough Note Productions is to bring out some top-notch films with best ingredients and ‘Kadugu’ would be the one,” says Vijay Milton, who looks sure-footed that audiences will love this film for its content and substantial performances of actors.

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