Music has been expanding its realms upon its course of fascination through diversified genres and ‘RAP’ is definitely one among them, which has instantly caught up the fans and listeners in immense fever. Realizing the prominence of this genre, young and aspiring ‘Rap’ Rakesh who has pursued gradation in B.Tech Engineering has spearheaded with a new dimension. While ‘Rap’ is often  considered as the craziest mode to offer enthrallments on the party floors, Rakesh wanted to make a different by adding social awareness and inspirational quotients to this ‘Rap’. Such is the illustration that we get through his independent album ‘Munne Vaada’. The song centers on the physically challenged people, who are motivated through the verses and compositions. Drums Sivamani has rendered his heartiest congrats on appreciating the great value of this song.

Rakesh is now gearing up with his next album ’12 AM’ that speaks about the women empowerment and the respect they deserve. After seeing few visuals from the songs, Vijay Sethupathi was so much impressed with the colossal work of Rakesh and decided to launch the album as well.

With the Independent albums earning decent receptions in the recent times, Rakesh has penned lyrics, composed music and has acted in the video album as well. The song is dedicated to the victims of gruesome death– Nirbhaya in Delhi, Jaswa in Kerala, Mahesh and Swathi in Chennai, who have lost their lives mercilessly.

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