Arjai, the main villian in both ‘PANDIGAI’ and ‘THIRI’ has got very impressive and positive feedback from those who have seen n with the movies. The promising artist, who hails from Palani has given some small but impressive Villanic perfomances in few films earlier. 

This  Friday he has two releases to his name in PANDIGAI, an action thriller starring Krishna and Anandhi  and THIRI,  a social- family drama starring Ashwin Kakumanu and Swathi.
Actor Arjai says, ” I have been trying to get into movies from the year 2009. I trained myself and was searching for. Arjai means peace and valour ..The power of the name i suppose haa gained meprojects.  I then starting getting small but good villanic roles in ‘Naan sigappu manidhan’, ‘Naaigal jakkiradhai ‘, and ‘Theri’. I also did a character in ‘Yeman’ which travels throughout with the hero Vijay Antony sir. Many found  my name unique that actually helped me . Now I have played the main villian in both THIRI and PANDIGAI which are releasing on July 14th. In THIRI I play a minister’s son and since PANDIGAI IS all about illegal underground fighting, i play the main fighter against hero Krishna. On director feroz’s demand I joined and trained in mixed martial arts for this role. The fight sequences, Choreographed by master Anbu and Arivu have come out brilliantly. I must thank hero Krishna sir for the support and co operation he lent me during the shoot. He himself is such a good fighter. He was so hard working. I am very excited and looking forward for both these releases. I am hopeful that these two movies will take my carreer graph higher. I would like to position myself as an artiste who could possibly fit into any role with content and challenge. Iam indeed glad with the titles of my  films which are releasing tomorrow. Both very  positive, Thiri on encouragement and Pandigai to celebrate . The best part was though I played baddy to both Krishna and Ashwin kakamanu in their respective films, in reality they actually bully me. All.said and done they have been my best of friends ” says Arjai .

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