Directed by newbie Sujo Sundar, X Videos is a film that talks about the privacy-deprived smartphone era and the loopholes cybercrime thieves bank on to steel privacy from common people and turn their lives miserable.

The film is full of new faces except Attakathi and Kabali fame Vishwa. The film revolves around a reporter’s project on gathering people opinion about banning porn websites in India. When he happens to research about the porn world by indulging in actually watching it, he happens to stumble upon a video which happens to feature his friend’s wife.

With the help of his another friend he gathers the information on how it had made it to the web world without the knowledge of his friend who was till then believing it to be a private pleasure possession.

The investigation directs him to a 5-member team consisting of software professionals. Does the hero manages to take down the tech-savvy crime doers forms the rest of the story.

The new acting talents have performed like seasoned artistes which doesn’t deprive the film of the quality acting skills. In a movie that has no songs, music director Johan has done a good job in the background scoring area.

In the screenplay part, the film branches out to several sub stories which disturbs the mainstream of the film. And another minus is that the film that says no to porn has loads of porn-like stuff.

The message that the film delivers is that, seeking to watch others privacy is an unhealthy desire and that can be felt only if that happens to you personally. Putting everything together, the film is a bold and fair attempt that has almost managed to deliver a punch that’s attention worthy.

Verdict: Bold attempt.


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