Every filmmaker will have their own style of filmmaking, whether the unique beauty may exists in portraying the characters or in portrayal of visuals and so on. In that case, Director Arivazhagan has his own identity in filmmaking that is his ‘Technical Intelligence’. All his films will be technically beautiful and now the entire film industry is eagerly waiting to welcome his next Medico-Crime-Thriller – Kuttram 23, which is all set to hit the screens from March 3rd, 2017. Starring Arun Vijay and Mahima Nambiyar, the most anticipated Kuttram 23 is produced by Inder Kumar under the banner ‘Redhan – The Cinema People’ and released by Across films.

“I’m quiet confident that I have given my best to give a authentic medical thriller, and I have incorporated a strong message. The Audience would have seen Arun Vijay as a law breaker in Yennai Arindhaal will find him as a law protector in Kuttram 23. He is a man of perfection. He can go to any extent to get the perfection for his character. For the very first time he acts as a cop in this film and he took enormous effort to  learn and practice of  “Being a cop” .The audience will witness the emergence of a new star in the horizon ” says Director Arivazhagan enthusiastically.

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