The award nomination tags hinted Aruvi to be a documentary-type film which generally lack the entertaining factors much while the smart edits posed the film to be centered around terrorism but Aruvi is neither this nor that, instead it flows freely in its own new direction.

The choice of lens tone is realistic and the way the director has has built a memorabilia of childhood memories, right from film roll camera photos to old television sets, the film earns its tag of being praised as a class apart.

After keeping us guessing for 30 minutes, the film gets into the mood of delivering its intentions. Be it expressing the care and attention diseased patients need to be given or the vulnerability of independent women towards sexual abuse, the film hits hard, straight and is to the point.

There are moments which highlights how stupid are the never ending, or in other words, ever evolving lifestyle needs of people that keep them running with no intentions in an uncertain life just to make some rich business people even wealthier.

Aditi Balan, the female lead is cool as a cucumber and never shows a bit of strain in playing her role. Her dialogues, lip sync, expressions and any-random-girl like look makes everyone fall in love with her character.

Comedy is one of the highlights of the film which has been neatly embedded on the film without disturbing the flow. For the magic of bringing in totally acceptable humor in tensed situation earns a special star for director Arun Prabhu Purushothaman.

Cinematography by Shelley Caist gives us a feel of something which we have seen in Alphonse Puteran’s ‘Neram’ Kaaka Muttai fame Manikandan’s films but still this color and lighting differs in some way and carves a uniqueness for itself.

Editing by Raymond Derrick Crasta has worked well for all the talkie and moving portions as well. The childhood memory parts and flashback sequences that chip in every now and then are best examples for his work.

Bindhu Malini and Vedanth Bharadwaj’s scores play well along with the mood of the film. Though the film has more of live sounds, we do hear background scores and they make sense whenever they do.

Director Arun Prabhu Purushothaman is a class act. The narration, scene placements, dialogues, casting, delivering messages in a hard hitting way, humor quotient and mainly roping in such a quality technical team together are all credits to the director. Sir, please go on and create such quality contents. We are still believers of quality cinema.

Verdict: Easily the best film of 2017. Watch it in theaters if you were longing for quality cinema.

Rating: 4 / 5


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